The Problem

The problem is the current political setup does not work to serve democracy.
Democracy will never exist while political parties and governments are organized with a completely undemocratic and easily corruptable pyramid control structure.
To expand on this, at the bottom of the political pyramid there are a lot of voters, they in good faith give complete control of their "democratic" decision making "powers" to the higher up smaller number of elected officials.
Above the elected officials are the even smaller number of senior party officials.
Above the senior party officials is the party leader.
Within this pyramid
1. The elected officials if they want to keep their jobs within their political party will ignore the voters wishes if they contradict the wishes of their senior party bosses above them.
2. The senior party bosses if they want to keep their jobs will in turn ignore the wishes of the elected officials if they contradict the wishes of the leader above them.
3. The leader if he/she wants to keep their job will in turn ignore the wishes of the senior party officials if they contradict the wishes of party paymasters without whom the party would be bankrupt. The political parties constantly do what their party paymasters tell them to do.
It should be clear that the wishes of the people only ever happen if all the levels, all the way to the top of the pyramid, also want the same thing.
In a democracy the people have the power to make the decisions and the elected officials at all levels have no right whatsoever to interfere.
So what we are in fact doing is voting in party representatives who have no real power as the party bosses will ignore us and them and rule over us doing exactly what they want.
This applies as much to government as it does to councils as both never seem to get anything done with a good dose of common sense.
iXDemocracy can change all of this so that the voters have all the power.
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