I am pro wind farm but with a few conditions.

The wind farms should not be inland if they destroy rural vistas but out of site in the middle of the sea. 

Also why did we not use exclusively use UK companies paying UK tax and creating UK jobs?

The goal was to be leaders in the use of green energy AND creating and manufacturing the technology. Instead we are just giving away large parts of the profits and hence R&D budget to foreign companies who will have no scruples in demanding their pound of financial flesh. This becomes even more galling when you consider we are letting these companies destroy some our rural vistas.

When these farms are built the construction jobs are welcome but creating e.g. 500 wind farm construction jobs that will last for 1 year makes no sense when we could have 500 wind turbine manufacturing jobs on a permanent basis in addition to 500 wind farm construction jobs.

The move to green energy was planned over a decade ago so why could we not for example try and get our manufacturing industry involved from the start. We could have given some work to our defence firms helping them to diversify and wean them off a total reliance on the arms trade. This hopefully would have the effect of negating the need for them to obtain profits by selling arms to the many unscrupulous buyers around the world.

In fact we could have made that a condition of the contract.

Would the arms void be filled by other supplying countries? Almost certainly yes but at least the UK could start to hold its head up and say we are trying to make the world a better place and we are not obsessed with self interest.