Question Time – 14/9/13

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Question Time – 14/9/13

I saw this a few weeks ago but I have not had the time to write this up. So I decided I am just going to have to make the time to write it and here it is.

The discussion was about Syria and what the UK should be doing about it, the bit that particularly irked me was:-

David Aaronovitch - "The position we ended up in the British parliament is we couldn't agree to support the American's if they did anything about it."

Dimbleby – "Should Parliament/MP's..... should... (they)... have ignored what appears to be the will of the people?"

David Aaronvitch - "Yes. It's one of the things Parliament is for, it's to make decisions about such matters."

Ok, so hang on lets rewind that, it seems we do have people out there that want the British Parliament to make war on "our" behalf even though they know it goes against the will of the people. I find this truly ridiculous and wonder what is Aaronovitch's thinking behind this stance?

Anyway, predictably it was not long before I was irritated again by more proof of the many things wrong with politics, cue the ramblings of the system aware politician. :-

Chuka Umunna:- "Number one concern has been to improve the situation of the Syrian people ... [pause] ... and what is in the British national interest."

To be fair to Umunna his "standard" line could have come from virtually any politician playing the game and trying to get to the top. The problem is any politician whether they have good intentions or not knows they have to tow the line as dictated by the current system or be excluded from the system.

Anyway my point is, does everything this country do have to do be in its own national interest?

If world governments worked together doing what is right as opposed to what was right for them then the Syria situation would not have happened.

The problem that the people dying in Syria have is that it is not in the national interests of the major governments to intervene.

How many politician's have put their hands up and insisted the war should stop regardless of national interest?