Gaza Conflict

  • Palestinian man with child

How an earth was Tony Blair appointed the Middle East Peace Envoy?
If the establishment actually wanted peace in the region it had to appoint someone who would be unquestionably neutral and also acceptable to both sides. The fact that they chose Blair who is obviously untrusted and disliked by the vast majority of Muslims makes his appointment a clear signal that the establishment has no real desire for peace.
Unsurprisingly in the absence of any catalyst for a solution the conflict has festered and escalated to its current tragic state.
The failure of each and every government to join forces and bring about the end this conflict despite knowing that it is the desire of every decent person on this planet is yet again proof of a political system that is not fit for purpose.
How many more years of morally bankrupt hollow rhetoric from the politicians is it going to take before the electorate finally say enough is enough and actually reaches out to take control of the political decision making process?
For all the peace loving Palestinians and Israelis that time cant come soon enough.

Photo by Basel Yazouri
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