Cigarette Lobbying

I am not saying cigarettes need to have gory pictures on them but I do think that any reasonable person would agree that plain packaging was necessary to take away some of the glamour that the sleek colourful branding adds to deter youngsters from taking up smoking.

It was no surprise at all to see that the government U turned on this.

Looking closer you can only wince when you find out that the Conservative party and David Cameron have links to the cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris via the Tory election guru Lynton Crosby's lobbying firm Crosby Textor (CTF) as initially revealed by The Times.

We do not know for a fact that lobbying happened but it makes no sense not to put cigarettes in plain packaging so what was the reason not to do it? I expect they will have “rolled their own” report stating that there is no proof that the plain packaging will make any difference.

I find it truly ridiculous that any policy maker has an indirect or direct link or a self interest that can potentially compromise the neutrality and the validity of the policies they foist upon us.

This situation will continue until we put an end to it with a new political system.

Remember using iXDemocracy lobbying cannot exist as all important debates are held online.

The voters of each local iXDemocracy site take a vote on any issue that is raised.

The iXDemocracy MP cannot be lobbied as they MUST vote the same way as their iXDemocracy local site result.

As a corporation will find it impossible to lobby all members of a community so lobbying will cease to exist.