Blair quits Middle East envoy role

I know this is slightly old news but I did not have the time to write this when the news came out and it still bugs me so I had to write this gripe.
This is the BBC article

Tony Blair has left the post of Middle East envoy and it is hard to imagine how any reasonably minded individual could possibly describe his tenure as anything else than a predictably disastrous waste of time with an equally obvious outcome.

Blair was installed as he would do what the West and various Middle East allies wanted. The obvious problem is he is despised by virtually everyone else so he could never act as a useful middle man to any warring parties. You have to wonder if this predictable failure is the reason he got the job in the first place.

The BBC on the other hand seem to think that Blair’s achievements should not be universally frowned upon as after all he did make some progress with mobile phones in Palestine.

Palestine has been flattened and the middle east is rife with war yet somehow the BBC point to this truly trivial positive as something of relevance. The BBC have come up with the dumbest piece of reporting I have ever heard.

On the surface it may seem that Israel may be the winner here as its enemies are currently consumed in destroying each other but ultimately there will be no winners here and nobody is going to benefit long term from the opportunity that Blair has lost.