iXDemocracy Solution

iXDemocracy's aim is to acheive true democracy using the power of the internet.
Each community will have their own independent local iXDemocracy website for online voting with a forum to debate issues.
You then create true democracy in five simple steps using your local iXDemocracy website :-
1. Choose your community's iXDemocracy general election candidate using online voting. ( Anyone from your community can register to be a candidate ).
2. Vote your community's candidate in at the next general election so you have an iXDemocracy MP that your community controls with online voting.
3. As political issues arise an online poll will be created at the request of members of the community. ( Issues can be debated on the community forum ).
4. Your community then votes on that issue using online voting.
5. Your community's MP must then vote in Parliament the same way as the result of the online poll. Note iXDemocracy MP’s will be legally bound to vote in exactly the same way as their community has directed them to vote.
True democracy is created! Common sense and compassion will be applied to every single decision this country makes!
IXDemocracy will create and host the independent local websites for any interested communities so they can create and vote in their own local independent candidates.
The local sites are to be run by volunteer administrators drawn from all parts of the community.
IXDemocracy will have no say whatsoever in the running of a local iXDemocracy site except when asked to arbitrate by community members that are concerned that iXDemocracy's strict code of conduct has been breached.
All the technology at the hosting of the local sites will be managed by iXDemocracy.
iXDemocracy candidates will agree that if elected into public office they will be legally bound to immediately step down if more than a preset amount e.g. 50% of the electorate that originally voted for them withdraw their support.
In this way the people will 100% control the elected officials and the power.
The elected iXDemocracy official will be obliged to act 100% in accordance with the wishes of his supporters.
iXDemocracy aims to represent every community and bring the decent people of this planet together under one flag and a common cause.
Thus the power pyramid is turned upside down and democracy will for the first time move from theory to practice.
More info such as FAQ's is available via the 'Info' drop down menu.