Anyone can apply to become an iXDemocracy candidate to be entered into a community's iXDemocracy election. 

Candidates will have to agree to not hold any extremist views and not to discriminate on grounds of race, colour, gender, sexual orientaiton, disability or religious belief. It should be noted that any elected candidate is expected to promote the views of their community and not their own.

Candidates will also have to agree to abide to the The Nolan Principles of Public Life: Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership.

Candidates will also have to agree that if elected into official office they must resign if a preset amount ( set by the community ) of their original supporters withdraw their support.

This way the voters “own” the elected official and can “fire” them if they do not echo the views and actions demanded by the voters.

Potential candidates will be placed on the iXDemocracy website and the community will be invited to comment on the candidates suitablility based any past history of contravening any of the Nolan Principles to which they now agree to abide.

e.g. Candidates with a history of supporting the destruction of green open spaces would not be deemed suitable so need not apply for consideration.

There will be a fee of £25 (non-refundable, £10 to those on low incomes ) to cover some of the costs of processing any application, the fee also serves to deter bogus and frivolous applications.

This fee is reduced to £5 if you have a history of campaigning for a good cause.